Duncan Performance Rings + Hubstack Afterglow


Hello, I have a Hubstack Afterglow and I was wondering if anybody knows if the Duncan Performance Rings will fit on it? I know they fit in the Duncan Hornet and I tried seeing how the hornet caps fit in the Hubstack for reference but being the Hubstack has the hubs it keeps the cap from fitting so I can’t make the determination if the rings will work or not. I want to try to add more weight and stability to the Hubstack but I don’t want to waste the $10 on the rings if I can’t use them.



They’re juuuust barely too large to fit. You can probably sand down the rings a tiny bit to get them in, but I don’t think it’s worth it. You would have to remove the light kit to fit them in properly and that would end up reducing the weight overall anyway.


Bummer. What I am looking for is a stable yoyo that spins a long time and is also a light up yoyo. I haven’t really been able to find a great option so far.