Duncan HELP!!!

I was looking for my fist Duncan throw but I want to know how they play. My choices are the Duncan Grasshopper, the Duncan Bassacuda, or the Duncan Barracuda 2016. PM me if you have info on these.

You and me both, man.

I’m looking at getting a Duncan, but I just don’t know which model to pull the trigger on.

Hey guys I know this might sound dumb but get an imperial. It was the first yoyo I ever owned and even though I have lot more love for unresponsive play I’ll never forget my first duncan!

I had an imperial but it got stolen :joy:

I have all three, the grasshopper plays the best. Barracuda 2016 is a bit heavy like the YYF Aviator 2. Bassacuda while lighter, it feels good, but not as good as the Grasshopper. My grasshopper did come with a dirty bearing but once cleaned it was smooth.