Duncan Free Hand 2 (Freak Hand)

Does any body know when the Duncan Freak hands will be available?


It’s just a freehand 2 with creatures on the caps

Which makes it all the better!

And new dice! ;D

oh yea the new colored dice ;D

Plus I wanted a cooler 2010 Fh2 and Duncan is like an omnipresent power that knows what I want. Thank you.

i think they said something about october. pic semi-related

I think I saw them at my local Toys R Us yesterday.

I already have a Freehand 2, no need to get one of these. Might go to a local hobby shop this weekend and pick up a FHZ though. I know they never have new stock there.

Well I may just pop into the nearest toys R us and have a look.

Noticed this may be a couple days old but I just bought a freehand 2 today at my local toys r us and the freak hand was there as well. I would check toys r us for sure though!