Duncan echo review

This is my first review so I would like it if you guys critisize on my review, thanks here it is:

Weight: 67.9
Diameter: 56mm
String gap: 4.5mm
Shape: Wide/Flared
Ball Bearing: .25"x.5"x.187" or size C
Response system: SG Sticker
Width: 41.5mm

Play Star Key (my opinion)
1A: 4.5 stars
2a: .5 stars
3a: 4 stars
4a: 3 stars
5a: 4 stars

In my opinion I think it is a little oversized. Here is some pics on yo-yo.com


  1. Black
  2. Blue
  3. Green
  4. Orange
  5. Red
  6. Yellow

Yo-Yo History
Made by: Duncan
Realesed: 2011
Who,when,where they won this yoyo with
Hank Freeman: worlds 2011
Hank Freeman: nats 2011
Kohta Watanabe: European yo-yo champ


  1. Weighs good for 5a,1a,and 3a.
  2. Has great grooves for grinds.
  3. Looks great escpically the side caps that magnify the echo aqnd duncan logo.
  4. The package looks amazing
  5. High speed ball bearing for long spin times


  1. Oversized
  2. Bearing remover needed
  3. Short axel

I compare this to the Raptor the spin time is about the same. The colors the Echo dosen’t have as much varity as the Raptor does. The shape is a little different the Raptor is smooth. The Echo has 2 humps and little riges after the humps( mostly for the grinds). And if you take out the sidecaps they both can thumb grind desently. I reccomand this yo-yo to advanced players i thank Turtleyo for giving me this yoyo! remember critisize


??? Where is it


The Echo isn’t over sized it is full sized. Over sized would be something like the Crucial Jirorian. Then I would put Full Sized as both a pro and a con because some people like it and some people don’t.

ok thanks

I myself prefer an undersized throw.


While the Echo isn’t oversized, it feels like it’s a lot wider than it really is. I think this has to do with the catch zone and how it has a wider mouth. The Echo’s on the list of favorites in my collection. I have the Triple Crown edition Duncan sent me when my TC Raptor stripped out on me on my request, to just swap it with the Echo as I really wanted one (Little did I know, they also sent me a replacement Raptor).

Having a short axle should be a pro in my opinion. It gets rid of more centered weight.