Duncan Echo or Raptor

I’d like to buy one of these mainly for 1A. Maybe even a pair for 3A.

Which one would be better?

I have an Echo on order. The Raptor is another I am interested in. I’m just not sure how each are rated. Both would be excellent for 1A.

The Raptor is on my WANTS list. The Echo, I bought because I found a place selling them for very inexpensive and it was the last one in stock AND the color I wanted, so I figured why not. The Echo was not on my wants list. Sometimes, a good price will let me take a chance.

Better is a relative term based on preferences.

I own an echo and I like it but not as much as I thought I would. It’s a little on the heavy end and has a rock like feel but it’s really smooth and the grooves are awesome too. It looks great and i might get another for 3a. So if you like a little heft go for the echo. I haven’t played a raptor but always here good things about them. If you want a faster lighter feeling yoyo go for the raptor. Hope this helps

I have both yoyos. The Raptor is an excellent throw. Personally, I like the Echo better. To me, it feels smoother, is more comfortable, and a better grinder and performer. I feel that it is heavy enough without the caps, and too heavy with. The Raptor is fine either way. While the outside of the Echo is bigger, the gap area of the Echo (where the grind grooves are) is smaller than the Raptor, making it feel smaller than the dimensions make it out to be. However, if you really like a high wall, go with the Raptor, since the Echo does not really have one.

You can’t really go wrong either way. Both yoyos have been used to win competitions. Both are great and affordable. If one comes in a color or edition you like better, get it. You’ll love it. Get the other one later, if you want to.

What other yoyos do you like/dislike, and I can tell you which you may like more.