Echo vs. Raptor

So I wasn’t exactly sure where to put this but here goes nothing. So I got an echo last christmas and it was my first metal. Now I want another and I was looking at the raptor and was wondering how it compares to the echo.

The Raptor is lighter abd smaller than the Echo, so it plays a bit faster. All in all, they both play great (smooth, stable, etc.)

I liked my raptors better actually. The raptor grinds better and they both spin a lot longer than you would expect. Even with the caps out the echo seems a bit solid and I like light and floaty. I would go for the raptor if I had the choice. Raptor regens better as well witch make a big diffrence to me.

So how much smaler is the raptor than the echo.

The Raptor is smaller than the Echo in both width and diameter, but not by that much.

i like my raptor, it’s light and smooth, even with the stock bearing. As long as you clean the bearing of coarse. the bearing comes well lubricated :-. just simply clean it and put a TINY drop of thin lube on it. The lube will help the bearing last for virtually ever. I’ve had my raptor bearing for a little less than a year now.

Personally I like the echo better than the raptor. Light and fast. Play really well.