Duncan Barracuda Packaging?


Does the Barracuda normal come in a YYJ-like box with a yellow ball counterweight stuffed in the top right? Or does it usually come in normal Screaming Eagle or De-Luxxe packaging? I am asking because mine came in the box that I previously described. Is this because mine came from Amazon, or does it come like that from here (YYE) too?


More like the YYJ box with the rubber ball CW stuffed in there. Mine was in the bottom. It’s different. I might re-package my Barracuda just to take some photos of it for you, but not for few days. It is NOT Screaming Eagle or De-Luxxe packaging.


It is good to know that the counterweight should be in the bottom…my dad and I were thinking that it looked like it was returned. I actually had to return it, because it had a black smudge in the cup too…which also makes me think that it must have been a return. Sadly, to return it, I couldn’t take it out and throw it for a few minutes…oh well, it is coming on Monday!


I don’t know if on the bottom is standard. I’ll see what Duncan has lined up at their booth if they are running one at Nationals.

I don’t think it’s really important where the CW is, as long as it is included. I also got the YYE Edition Barracuda, so that might make a difference as well.


You don’t have to - I will be going to Worlds this year. I can check it out myself. Thank you for offer though!