Duncan awsome!

Ok so you know how everyone loves the Freehand and especially the Freehand Zero right?Well guess what Duncan released at worlds the new LIGHT UP FHZ’S AND THE NEW FREEHAND FREAKHAND! So cool just when I thought the FH Zero couldn’t get any better!YAH!http://www.yo-yo.com/index.php/site/news/day/20110810# http://www.yo-yo.com/index.php/site/news/day/20110810#

i tried the light up fhz.
i want to get at least 3.

I’m waiting for the actual release of the light-up FHZ. I actually have a NEED for this product, as strange as that may sound.

Let’s not confuse “unveil” with “release”. I’ve seen plenty of product unveils that ended up never resulting in a product being released. Then again, the electronics industry can be kinda strange that way.


it wasn’t just an unveil, it was an actual release. I saw a couple people with them.
I was going to pick one up, but I ran short on funds :confused:

Quite seriously, 2 of my favorite things combined…Zombies and yoyos. The translucent die is just a cool bonus. Not sure what kind of pricing they will be or if they will end up at Toys R Us like the regular Freehand 2. I saw one site asking $32 for them.

I read about the fhz’s on “the nation”. But if they sell them for 32 dollars wouldn’t a clear fhz plus a shinwoo light kit be cheaper?

Unveil with limited pre-sales. Again, not a release date.

I called Duncan shortly after Worlds and they gave me the run-around on an actual release date. Someone on the chat room mentioned they had one. So I knew they’d sell some at Worlds. With Duncan being elusive, that means a release date is probably fairly close. But still, it’s not out yet.

What sucks is I need it in hand by October 1 so I can have a few days to get used to it for a dark performance. That’s why I am using a glow option instead.

Light kit! Put under the caps of your DM!

Kay, I have a question. Are the Freehand’s unresponsive out of the package? Or do I need to get it modded?

It comes pad recessed like the Freehand’s. Just put some thin lube in it and break the pads in. Should be good then, like mine

Tried them at worlds, they come stock pad recessed, bu a bit responsive still.
Cant wait to get one of these, time to bring yoyoing into the rave scene.

Cool idea. But my DM is blue, and I would prefer a CLEAR plastic solution.

I saw a vid for moding a clear Duncan Hayabusa, so that’s the way I’d go if YYE or any other online dealer I could find had the Shinwoo light kits in stock. Right now, it’s not worth the hassle. Plus I’m not really a fan of Duncan and their friction sticker and silicon sticker thing. So, I’d have to go contact one of the modders who deal with FHZ mods and have it recessed so it can accept silicone for response. Time is not on my side. There will be other shows, but in the meantime, I’ve got a glow solution coming together using a glow DieNasty and some bored glowing bouncy balls.

I get the whole “unveil” and then “release” dates being sepparated. I’ve had to deal with customers wanting a product before it’s available to them, despite having one in my hands. I don’t get the “special sale at the unveiling” but that’s because for what I work with, the items tend to be in the few thousand dollar range. Demo item, often times a mock-up or a purposely firmware crippled demo unit.

In the meantime, I’ll just wait for it to come out. Just irks me that Duncan gets elusive when it comes to release dates. I guess since I’m not channel, I’m not worthy of such a response. Since my October 1 timeline can’t happen, that give me plenty of time to get one when it comes out, contact a modder, have it recessed, siliconed and back in my hands before what I’m guessing to be an April 2012 performance. However, the first opportunity I have to get one of these light-up FHZ’s here at YYE, I’m gonna attack that sale with my credit card! If I have the funds available, I’ll get it the day it’s released.

I’m not dissing Duncan. They do make good stuff, I’m just not a big fan of them personally. I have a metal Drifter, a freehand 2, imperials, butterfly and a Reflex. I might get a FHZ at a local store over the weekend just to get familiar with the product in general. I’m kinda old school that way, in regards to I like to be very familiar with a product before I start doing “serious” work with it. Plus, a yoyo isn’t like an analog mixing console, at least with an analog console, I don’t have to break in a bearing or response system to get maximum performance, I only need to get the console up to operating temps, which happens about 10 seconds after power on!

Sometimes I dislike waiting on timelines outside my control. However, that’s showbusiness for ya!

yay, they’re bringing 5A to a whole new level…

That light up Zero…

For me, its not that I want them.
I need them…

I hope they available soon.

But did you see that thread about the night moves 5? The swirls looked cool because you could not see throgh the sides of the yoyo.

I played Kyo’s at worlds and it was really a treat.

can’t tell if sarcastic. help.

Yeah, I know what you mean.

What are they gonna do, process serve anyone who wins 5A?

Actually, I see players doing the most to bring 5A to a whole new level, with Duncan doing as little as possible. But, then again, that’s how it should be. Companies provide the tools, the users provide the imagination!

When did duncan get a new website?..