Duncan 80th Anniversary USA tour

(Brandon Jackson) #1

The next roll out for Duncan’s 80th Anniversary is a super big one. Duncan Crew is hitting the road and you are all invited! Over the next three months, various members of Duncan Crew are making a giant loop around the USA and could very well be stopping in your town.

The three month “80th Anniversary World Tour” will start in Cleveland and then move through the upper Midwest states, across the plains then mountain states and out to the west coast. After a week in California, the van will start back across the country through the sun belt and then wind back up the mid-Atlantic states to the northeast and finish in Boston on November 24.

Smashing through hit 51 cities in 20 states, the Duncan Crew will perform in over 150 demos; including specialty and mass retail stores, county fairs, 10,000+ city festivals, children’s museums, zoos, schools, and more!

The pre-launch party began this past weekend at the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame with a live painting and yo-yo demo event which included Whip painting a mural on what will be the Duncan Crew tour van. Definitely check out the video here!


This is only one of the countless reasons why Whip is a world renowned artist.

As the tour progresses, you will be able to access blogs and videos at DuncanCrew.org. Definitely stay on top of the excitement that this tour will bring and come be a part of it when it rolls through your town.


(Jeromy K.) #2

Why are people always dissing the Northwest I am so sad. :’(

(Shisaki) #3

Too true :’(


you drive right through reno, why cant you stop for just a few hours…

(Steve Brown) #5

When is the site going live? Right now it’s “Open to Crew Members Only”.


MAN nothing yoyoish ever happens in South Carolina. They couldn’t even go to Greenville for their tour… :’(


Where can I get more details? The website didn’t have much…

I might make the MN one.


What the heck… Is Seattle not big enough for them? Where is the love for the Pacific Northwest?

(Brandon Jackson) #9

Aiming for Friday.


Dang. It goes right by Wichita. Maybe they could stop by? ;D

(Brandon Jackson) #11

Exact Locations and dates have been updated at:


Dang, still no Wichita! H that’s ok though. Sounds awesome anyways!

(Marc) #13

Glad Albuquerque got in the tour, to bad I won’t be able to make it :-\



I am going to one or Two of the MN ones :smiley:


They have one in LA. :slight_smile:

I won’t go though. This seems like SUCH a cool idea! :smiley:

(Raphael) #16

Ha Ha its in the shape of an eagle I might
be able to go to the one in philly!

(jared) #17

me too maybe well meet there


no one care about the yoyoing wellfare of upstate NY >:(


Do we know when exact locations will be released?

I will definitely be at the Boston one. I’m taking work off now ;D