Duncan tour, Kansas City area

Who here is going to go to that? I’ll most likely be able to go to the Saturday and Sunday ones. Also, we should meet up while we’re there and hang out (besides just at the tour part of it).

Well, I went to the tour today. The Duncan crew put on a good show and even had some juggling and spin tops. Then it made me happy because the throwers from the Kansas City area (and Topeka) and I all threw for like 3 hours. :smiley: There was more I was going to say but I forgot, so I’ll leave with that for now.

Oh man you are soo close to me. Ok states 2010 you should get a few Kansas yoyoers and come on down. Go get Tobias Tate. He wanted to come to SCR but he had no ride.

Did you get to know any of the Kansas scene by name? Ben Conde, Tobias, Rick Wyatt?

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Sadly no. I’ve heard of them but that’s it. If you or anybody else knows them, try to get ahold of them and maybe me and the other Kansas people.

Also, it seemed like most of them were in the Kansas City area. I got one of their numbers then had to leave and I couldn’t get the other people’s, but he got the other people’s so yeah sometime all of us need to meet and we’ll definitely go to MOYO and hopefully Oklahoma states.

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When is OK states?

I’ve organized a group up here in Kansas City and we’ve been getting pretty good groups together every Tuesday night. A few of us would love a road trip.

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We’ll have to talk to someone else about it. I have no idea who though.

We’ll all have to get together on a weekend sometime because some of us don’t like in KC and have school during the week.