Duncan News! Lots of it. (Duncancrew.org is Live!, Sweepstakes, Tour, And More!)


Duncan’s 80th Anniversary World Tour
The 80th Anniversary World Tour still has a month left and has been a great success. It started early this year with Takeshi & Bride traveling the globe documenting the yo-yo scene around the world and filming tutorials featuring nearly the entire Duncan Crew Worldwide. Then over summer the Duncan Crew traveled the USA to demonstrate and teach at Toys R Us’ around the country. With a lot of Toys R Us’ left to perform at, and a TON of other toy stores we began the Fall leg of the tour. Appearing at air force bases, children museums, street fairs, and the National Yo-Yo contest this year Duncan has shown that after 80 years we still hold on to our tradition of the traveling demonstrators of our past. To learn more about the tour visit http://www.duncancrew.org/tour.

80th Anniversary Trading Card Sweepstakes
Starting immediately and continuing through Jan. 2010 all Imperial, Butterfly, Proyo, Profly will come packaged with 1 of 80 Duncan 80th Anniversary trading cards. These cards feature Duncan Crew, Duncan mascots, Friends of Duncan, and Duncan Hall of fame players. Some of you may have seen them at Worlds/Nationals, but the ones coming packaged with the yo-yos are a little different. These will feature a gold scratch off area at the bottom that when scratched, reveals a code that you enter on the brand new DuncanCrew.org website. With over 3000 prizes including Xbox 360s, PS3s, Digital Cameras, Duncan Yo-Yos, Screaming Eagle Yo-Yos, a trip to the 2010 World Yo-Yo Contest and Disney World, and more! These cards have began circulating into your local retailers and toy stores so go pick some up today and see if you’re a winner!

DuncanCrew.org is now live! What exactly is Duncancrew.org? It’s a place to create your own profile, post videos, comments, pictures and more! Do you run a local yo-yo club? If so you can create your own yo-yo club profile. Retailers, we have you covered as well. Create your retailer profile so that local players can find you easily. Want to learn some new tricks? The Duncan Crew will help you learn some of the coolest moves ever with their easy to follow tutorials featured on DuncanCrew.org. So what are you waiting for? Go register! http://www.duncancrew.org

Screaming Eagle
The Screaming Eagle brand of yo-yos has shown to be a success. Screaming Eagle by Duncan has given yo-yo designers and player a chance to create yo-yos that have become favorites amongst players worldwide. The next Screaming Eagles include the “Diversion 1.0” and the new delrin yo-yo designed and used by National 3a champion Hank Freeman codenamed “Freebird”.

Brandon Jackson Becomes the National Sales & Marketing Coordinator
Brandon moved to Middlefield Ohio at the beginning of September to accept the
National Sales & Marketing Coordinator position. He plans to help grow the brand he has known and loved since the age of 5.


Already registered! Great site. And grats to Brandon!

Awesome! Duncan Is Stepping Up There Game Alot!

Man! i totally missed this! they came to chicago and i didn’t even know!

Several guys asked about the trading cards so I wanted to post this to clarify,
The cards ARE visible through the package. So you can buy the ones you specifically want. O0


sweet i need to find the closest duncan reseller… o wait i live in canada no one sells yoyos locally well one place but they sell fhz for like $40

Haha, tell me about it. I really wish we had a chain of stores in Canada for hobby toys and such. :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah it sucks all we have is free health care, most of the worlds drinkable water and oil… i wish we had a yoyo store or duncan and more companies would sell in more toy stores.