justis evans-dti jr. team

i stopped watching at like 1mins the effects were giving me a head ache
how did you get on the team i heard you asked them?


he did go a little effect crazy


A little :-\
also i noticed you put in parts were you messed up i wouldnt do that just because i make the vids look not as good and edit out were you go in and out of the camera.


Effects hurt my head, annoying title, sloppy video.


Hey, thats a little mean man, relax.

Saying you don’t like him isn’t ok, it’s just your straight up being a jerk. Even though he needs to clean some stuff up, you can’t just tell someone that.

Well, I don’t need to repeat whats already been said. The effects destroyed the video, ditto to the *'s. But I wouldn’t worry about it. We learn through expirimantation. You learned that effects don’t make a good video (actually a lot of people make this mistake). So next time don’t do so many effects.

Yea, the *'s and the effects are screaming for attention like a little kid would do.

like was said before, chill out the effects and whatnot and type in proper english, and not abbreviated or leet.

I highly suggest you watch some other promotional videos and take a queue from them as to what to do. Do you see any others using effects like that? no, because its unprofessional. Instead, to spice up the videos, get interesting angles and have the play go with the music, even just a little bit. If a new instrument enters into the music, or it changes key or something change angles or scenery. be creative, but not so much that its annoying.

note: I realize that this would take more time than you’re probably willing to spend on a video, but thats what it takes to do something awesome: time. you’ll realize this more and more as you get older and get a job.

EDIT: i hope none of this sounded mean in any way. sorry if it did; wasn’t my intention.

i didnt know DTI made fleas

they dont when i entered the team there were no more product saying this i dont have any dti yoyos

and also ill try your advice

Have you ever tried a Bassboost?

No but getting one this week

ok, the main thing is that the tricks were not very flashy and very repetitive and you tried to cover that up with flashy effects… which u have used in a previous video. the effects got annoying and hurt the eyes. there were several scenes in which you walked out of the shot to end the recording or walked in the shot after starting it. these should all be edited out. you left in some mistakes, which is understandable sometimes if you are in a rush, so next time, take a few more hours. what i do is invite my friend over who took a film video course and have him shoot it. that way i get a lot more scenery and angles and it is much easier. he also does the bulk of the editing do to my poor imovie skills.

invite a friend to make it easier and it also will be more fun. learn some flashy tricks to make the video exciting and dont replace them with effects. relating to the last sentence, dont over use effects. in my last video, all i did was make it brighter and more colorful. in spyy guy, the effects made the string pop out, and even though the effects were cool, the best part of the video were tricks. also choose music that really goes with the tricks. yoyo to the beat and change scenes or angles or trick styles when the song changes.

the biggest tip is to listen to constructive critisism. it helps

Less effects plz.

All to much for me. I personally, now don’t get mad at me, but I don’t think you do a good job representing the team.