Dressel Designs: Welcome Shinnosuke ishizuka

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I’m going to be honest. I never thought I would sponsor anybody under Dressel Designs, but Shinnosuke is something special. Besides being an amazing person, his style is super unique and flows well with crazy movements and many uncommon elements. You can tell he has a true love for yoyo and is always busting out new tricks with top notch cinematography and swag. I can watch some of his tricks for hours and never get bored. When he started posting with our yoyos and shared how special they are, I knew he had to be on the team. Give him a follow, you will not be disappointed! I am so excited to watch Shinnosuke continue to grow his unmatched style and flow!


YOOOOOO! Shinnosuke is a Mile High Yo-Yo Club member and a heck of a guy!


Oh nice!! He’s such a nice guy and has a sick flow


Fusion: a collaboration with Damian Puckett.


Looks fire

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It is beyond fire :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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I believe it

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Will these be preorder-able? I love that color

This color isn’t having a production run. Damians yoyos are usually very expensive [135ish each]. We want to bring the cost down to make this more affordable for everyone [aim is around 100 each] so to keep cost as low as possible were just doing solid colors.

HOWEVER Damian will have a very limited number of this color available within the next few days in his FB group. Not sure when tho.


Nice, solids are my preference, especially pale/ pastel solids. I don’t have FB but thanks for the info.

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You’re welcome. There will be plenty in 2022. Damians colors are gonna be more shiny/pastel so you’ll be good

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This is giving me Rain City Skills, Deluge vibes.

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Happy Monday everyone!! Just saw this today and wanted to share!! Made my morning!