Dresden files fans, or R.A Salvatore fans...?


I was just curious if anyone else on here is an avid Jim Butcher’s Dresden files reader. I am impatiently awaiting the release of Cold days, the next book. So excited!
Anyone else here absolutely love the Dresden files?
Also, is there any readers of R. A. Salvatore’s Drizzt Do’urde dark Elf books?
Iam an avid reader of all these.
Discussion is welcome!


Really… Nobody??


I have no idea what those are…


I read the original Dark Elf Trilogy, and of course Icewind Dale as well. I didn’t really follow Drizzt (or Forgotten Realms in general) for too many years after that. Read most of the original series…es… by other authors, too, like the Finder’s Stone Trilogy.

Dresden Files, haven’t checked out yet.

I’m really enjoying the Rivers of London books (first book goes by that name, too, but I believe this is also what the series as a whole is called) by Ben Aaronovitch. Good stuff, that.


I own Collector’s Edition anthologies of all of the books concerning Drizzt, except for the most recent series, I love RA Salvatore. EDIT: I mean the Transitions Series, and I haven’t read The Ghost King yet).

I very much enjoyed The Spearwielder’s Tale and the Crimson Shadow series as well.

I’ve read more of his work, but these those are my favorites.

(I read the first two books in the Saga of the Lost King before losing interest…)


Oh, man. You haven’t read the Transitions or Never winter trilogy yet? You HAVE to read them. You especially have to read the Ghost king one. So much crucial stuff happens in that one. The ghost king literally blew mind when I finished it.
The Never winter trilogy was amazingly good too. I just ordered the final boom off amazon and finished it in like a day. You have to read all of those.


Meeeeh, I’ll get around to it eventually, I’m about to finish A Game of Thrones, and I need to read the next two books so I’ll be ready for Season 3 of the show. Maybe I’ll read those after I do that.