Draup Swap and Hummingbird FT

Hey friends.

First off, I have this lovely We Are Throwers Draupnir. I’d like to swap it for either a Purple 44Clash, Light Pink, Raw Tempered Rim or EYYC. I don’t mind which. Mine has a few handling marks from being played but it’s glass smooth. I’d like the same condition from you. Here’s a photo.

Secondly, I have a Pink with Blue rings WYYC edition Hummingbird. I’d like to swap it for a raw or pink Sleipnir. Also open to adding some money for a raw Sputnik (not the +2). Again it has a few small marks from being played but it’s smooth as the day I got it direct from the factory. Here’s photo of this one.

Talk to me. Let’s make a trade.

I don’t want to sell them, only interested in the trades mentioned (Though you could offer something else if you want)


you can make any yoyo look nice in a photo. :joy: hope ya find what your looking for!

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I mean, they are nice looking yoyos and that helps. You’re giving me too much credit :joy:

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mmm… no… i’m not. your amazing at photography!

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Very kind, thank you!

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And thank you for taking glorious photos for my eyes to look at.

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I read the post, I know you said trades only.
If any of that changes, I’d be interested in the Hummingbird for $.

Thanks for your time!


Will do, good luck!

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