Throwz 4 Sale JT, TP, ART, YYR, YYF, RSO

Throws 4 Sale

Yoyorecreation Draupnir with Ceramic bearing SOLD
JapanTech Titanium Shaqshine Bros 400
JapanTech Titanium FG 400
Proto Type BGM 100
Turning Point JDM Green Hinemosu 200
Turning Point Orange Blasted Palpitation ES 200
ART D7 Purple Brand new SOLD
G2 Banshee SS Blue Plasma Limited SOLD
Turning Point Aster baby blue 200
Turning Point Untangle Red/Gold - 170
Turning Point MSG Green 200
JapanTech Kagerou Red/Rainbow Rings - 160
RSO StarShip - 230
Yoyofriends Titanium SS Hummingbird Original Run woodbox edition 1/20 number 12 of 20. SOLD

Price are shipped in the U.S :passenger_ship::us:
Thanks for looking and have a great day.


Bump fore this nice dude and good yoyos. Super fast shipping and great communication


Bump Draupnir is gone

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Banshee SS SoLD

Your RSO is the Starship, not Spaceship :smiling_face:

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My bad thank you sir.

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:sob: I missed the Draupnir!

you are still looking ?! so many have been posted i figured you already got one :melting_face:

Yeah the longest search in forum history :laughing:

Have there actually been many posted? I’m on here every day and haven’t had many chances to nab one in near mint condition.

Don’t mean to hijack your thread. Amazing throws on here!

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Saturday morning bump


Do you still have the tiss hummingbird

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If so would you be interested in trading for a high end gaming pc

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Pmed brother.

Bump price drop, TiSS Hbird & D7 SOLd

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