updates 20+ throws BTS CHEAP!!!

Hey Everyone, mostly looking to sell offer up

Puffin 1
Gnarwhal 1 and 2
OD Valor
Square Wheels Royale
werrd irony JPX
ST Quark
Northstar (Glow or Aurora)
Level 6

Please feel free to offer up anything, it will be considered.

The throws
rare Aviator MIP
Rare Shutter MIP
rare horizon very nm only scratchs on bearing setting
cyborg mwb
G2 hulk blood triton mwb
spyy Orbitron 5000 nm
OD yelets (green/purple) nm 1 flat spot
OD dingo light pink 1 pin prick on inside cant be seen unless opened
YYO brave Mwb
Genyo M10 nm
CLYW Cool Ghoul chief 2 micro pin pricks
CLYW purple/silver speckle AC1 NM 1 flat spot
CLYW wolverine WM2 Mint
CLYW purple FG Ava NM
CLYW Northern lightsH5xChief 3 micro pin pricks SOLD
CLYW couribu campBVM2 Mwb
YYF Shu-ta 2 pin pricks
2sick queen Mwb
OD hulk smash Oshape benchmark
shutter Mwb gone
popstar flat spots (throw in if price is right)
YYF protostar nm
YYJ lynn fury Mwb (throw in if price is right)
Fuiture gone
severe gone
yogi chief gone
YYR diffusion 2 nm gone
OD MMC mint
Werrd Tre mint unevgraved
Mwb delirium drive puff 2
Nm ninja blood fg puff

Pls pm me if you need additional info or pics. thank you! Taking offers only

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nm dingo, nm yelets, and mwb shutter coming soon!

Bump new throws added! Custom shutter and aviator from yoyo expert grandpriZe

PM sent

Was that a pink m1 in the photo?

no thats a shu ta

Update MWB Puffin 2 Delirium drive,
Mint OD Gradient Orange, Mint MFD Ape-x For sale or Trade

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