Dragontalers of YYE thread.


Why aren’t you on the blue ones back?

Lol I dunno. Off eating wild mushrooms.

Oh lord

Aint nobody got time for this

I got bronchitis. Ain’t nobody for that.

Straight up win.

This is amazing…

3rd place 2a

Just when I thought you guys got over the my little pony thing…

Graeme Gots the DragonTales rhythm!

Here’s a picture of ord high-fiving slendy http://i1325.photobucket.com/albums/u638/Leinadyoyoer/Slendermanord_zps297cd0e1.jpg (sorry for poor quality LOL)

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Guess he got over his fear of dark woods after all. Thanks for the picture.

I wonder what he got in the music use category

Thought I was actually in Dragonland last night, then I woke up… :-\

I love this song!

My favorite dragon next to Zach and Weezy

Weezy is the coolest, she cray.

I really think she needed some aterol,but I wonder what would happen to Zach because of the medication…


Also laughing reminds me of that episode that someone got their laugh stolen. I think it was Weezy but not sure.