Dr. Yo-Yo's Sidewalk Sale Closed

I need this stuff gone!
Paypal is a MUST.
so… 10% off the asking price (new price shows mark down)

YYF 888’s

Big Brother Bully - Bead Blasted Proto

YYF Silver Run G5 with Top Tips

Some minor dings but smooth and stable. Great for hard core play.
60 (10% 0ff = 54)

YYF G5 - Purple YYN edition

Awesome Painted FHZ

To pretty not to be played. Other then the paint job, it is not modded

Yomega Lancer

Throwdown Lucha Libre

This had a slippage problem, but then I tossed a Ceramic kk in there and now it is great!
85 (Ceramic kk guys) (10% 0ff =77.5)

Yomega HotShot

Yomega Raider

Loops, not modded
8 (10% 0ff = 7)

YYJ Big Ben

Flying Squirrel

7 (10% 0ff = 6)

Yomega RBII

8 (10% 0ff = 7)

Black Mamba

lol, its a blue black mamba Hard to find? I dunno.

okay, I am ton on these two. I have a couple of Projects and a couple of M1’s and these two are great and they MATCH! But I need that Camera. :frowning: so
OneDrop Combo

Perfect condition. Half Pink, Half Brown. I can even get the boxes if needed.
140 for both (10% 0ff ALREADY REDUCED COMBO = 126)
95 for the Project (10% 0ff = 86)
55 for the M1 (10% 0ff = 50)

Jester Juggle Sticks by Lunasticks

If I had the money I would be all over that Bully. I may be able to scrounge some up soon. If any one wants an good yo-yo get the Bully.

Want one drops and bullytwitch twitch

The problem is that I have a competition on sunday, and there will be no money left after that… :’( :’( :’(

agh i want that FHZ…i wish i had some moneys

I’ll take the YYF G5 purple yoyonation edition. I’ll raise my money for it quickly.

Happy Throwing! =]

That Lucha Libre looks like a fine yo…

The Purple G5 is gone, sorry

Is that the Free Hand Zero that was in the pictures that you took of my Perfect Fit String ???

Yes it is ;D

MY wife would shoot me if I got another yo-yo this month. I was just wondering…

O.O The Project and M1 O.O

NOOO!!! Why don’t you save it for me? Who bought it?

Happy Throwing! =]

A good friend of mine named Juan picked it up Yesterday, Sorry Bro

man the 888 looks cool…does it play fine because by the picture i can tell it has alot of dings on it

Yup, They play pretty well, and they also were the first thing to sell. They both are long gone.

I am going to pull the pictures of what is sold already.


nope ;D

yesterday at the Chico Contest?

Last Chance guys, 10% of all marked prices.

I want that M1… I would trade for my G5 but you said Cash only…