Dr. Yo-Yo's Sidewalk Sale Closed

(Chris Allen) #1

I need this stuff gone!
Paypal is a MUST.
so… 10% off the asking price (new price shows mark down)

YYF 888’s

Big Brother Bully - Bead Blasted Proto

YYF Silver Run G5 with Top Tips

Some minor dings but smooth and stable. Great for hard core play.
60 (10% 0ff = 54)

YYF G5 - Purple YYN edition

Awesome Painted FHZ

To pretty not to be played. Other then the paint job, it is not modded

Yomega Lancer

Throwdown Lucha Libre

This had a slippage problem, but then I tossed a Ceramic kk in there and now it is great!
85 (Ceramic kk guys) (10% 0ff =77.5)

Yomega HotShot

Yomega Raider

Loops, not modded
8 (10% 0ff = 7)

YYJ Big Ben

Flying Squirrel

7 (10% 0ff = 6)

Yomega RBII

8 (10% 0ff = 7)

Black Mamba

lol, its a blue black mamba Hard to find? I dunno.

okay, I am ton on these two. I have a couple of Projects and a couple of M1’s and these two are great and they MATCH! But I need that Camera. :frowning: so
OneDrop Combo

Perfect condition. Half Pink, Half Brown. I can even get the boxes if needed.
140 for both (10% 0ff ALREADY REDUCED COMBO = 126)
95 for the Project (10% 0ff = 86)
55 for the M1 (10% 0ff = 50)

Jester Juggle Sticks by Lunasticks

(Jeromy K.) #2

If I had the money I would be all over that Bully. I may be able to scrounge some up soon. If any one wants an good yo-yo get the Bully.


Want one drops and bullytwitch twitch

The problem is that I have a competition on sunday, and there will be no money left after that… :’( :’( :’(

(_|@<06) #4

agh i want that FHZ…i wish i had some moneys


I’ll take the YYF G5 purple yoyonation edition. I’ll raise my money for it quickly.

Happy Throwing! =]


That Lucha Libre looks like a fine yo…

(Chris Allen) #7

The Purple G5 is gone, sorry

(Jeromy K.) #8

Is that the Free Hand Zero that was in the pictures that you took of my Perfect Fit String ???

(Chris Allen) #9

Yes it is ;D

(Jeromy K.) #10

MY wife would shoot me if I got another yo-yo this month. I was just wondering…

(D@§h!zn!t) #11

O.O The Project and M1 O.O


NOOO!!! Why don’t you save it for me? Who bought it?

Happy Throwing! =]

(Chris Allen) #13

A good friend of mine named Juan picked it up Yesterday, Sorry Bro

(Ryan) #14

man the 888 looks cool…does it play fine because by the picture i can tell it has alot of dings on it

(Chris Allen) #15

Yup, They play pretty well, and they also were the first thing to sell. They both are long gone.

I am going to pull the pictures of what is sold already.



(Chris Allen) #17

nope ;D


yesterday at the Chico Contest?

(Chris Allen) #19

Last Chance guys, 10% of all marked prices.


I want that M1… I would trade for my G5 but you said Cash only…