Dr. Yo-Yo's NOV BST - Mongu, Hany, YYF, and MORE

Cash offers only (Paypal is the only way I accept money)
I am trying to save up for a Netbook, and an X-Box 360 that is not banned…
So unless you have a Netbook or a X-Box 360 (not modded or banned) then I only am taking cash offers.

Hey how much were you thinking for the mz? Would you take $25

Prices for dv888, the barebones and skyline?

50 for Spyder?

Check your PM’s Doug

Inventory Update and Prices added:
Mongu Hoodie SOLD
Milk 2% SOLD

Prices for remaining:
Hany2 = 55 + shipping
DIF = 40 + Shipping
Shield = 70 + Shipping
Skyline = Offer
M1 = 65+ Shipping
Spyder = 45 + Shipping
MFHZ = 25 + Shipping

Again, Paypal Only

Mongu Hoodie SOLD
Milk 2% SOLD

Prices for remaining: (Prices include shipping ONLY to the US, International will cost more)
Hany2 = 55 shipped
DIF = 40 shipped
Shield = 70 Shipped
Skyline = Offer
Spyder = 45 Shipped
MFHZ = 25 Shipped