Double release from C3 - The TRION CRASH and Speedaholic MAX!

Trion Crash:

After over a year of prototyping the latest member of the popular Crash series has arrived. the Trion Crash is a tri-material yoyo featuring an Aluminum body with a stainless steel inner ring and machined PC outer ring. The profile design is based on the Atomic Crash with the same diameter and an increased width from 43.9mm to 45.2mm which opens up the catch zone and improves accuracy of string hits.

The use of the PC rim is not just for decoration, it also helps boost performance. We took advantage of the low density of PC materials to make the outer rim. By doing so, we are able to maintain the same profile of the yoyo, but able to further take advantage of the stainless steel rim weight to provide a much more powerful spin and faster acceleration than a yoyo made from solely 6061 aluminium and stainless steel.

The fusion of three materials creates an impressive visual feeling alongside the equally impressive performance. The exquisite combination of Tri-materials provide for a fresh experience that cannot be found on any other yoyo!

Releasing Wednesday 9/8 @ 8PM EDT.

Speedaholic MAX:

In early 2021, C3 released Speedaholic MAX in lucky boxes on the market. After half a year to develop and redesign, the final edition is ready. The Speedaholic MAX is based on the design of the plastic Speedaholic XX and the shape has been adapted to a bimetal model. Speedaholic MAX has the same size and profile as the XX, which has a rounded H-shape profile to provide a comfortable feeling in the hand and plenty of power in play. The large broad stainless steel rings also ensures enough spin time and stability for every combo!

We followed the initial player’s feedback and fine tuned the weight of the Speedaholic MAX to really dial in the performance. The weight of the lucky box edition is 66.4g and we reduced the weight to 65g for this production edition. This allows for more control and better acceleration during play so you can experience powerful spins during play, without straining yourself.

The Speedaholic MAX offers a familiar shape in a high performance, bimetal design, suitable for players of all styles!

Releasing Wednesday 9/8 @ 8PM EDT.


That grey on grey Speedaholic Max is lovely!


The Speedaholic XX is my favorite throw so I’m automatically interested in the Max, but one of the things I love about my XX is the fingerspin dimple and I see the Max doesn’t have that feature.

On the other hand, maybe the Max has a decent thumb-grind lip, which is the only thing I wish my XX had.

Can’t wait for review vids to come out!


Hey I really enjoy my speedahollicXX…. But Ivan man…. There is a way to thumb grind w/extentended thumb grind that is………
I’ve been doing very long FS & TG since I got my C3 plastic!! It really surprised me…… since skyva…. Big Dipper….First Base….replay pro…. Even the SF PLTC I have thrown in the past!
My favorite doesn’t apply here…. Cause the speedaholic xx can do it all………
Can’t imagine a better plastic……?

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The Trion Crash looks amazing but I wonder how does it play… Given the high price point

I can do thumb grinds on my XX, but it’s not like my Expedition or Vulcan where the thumb grind lip has a recessed groove behind it which allows me to hang that baby on my thumbnail for hours. Not sure why I would want to hang a yoyo on my thumb for hours at a time now that I think of it, but having the option is nice.

Other than that slight nitpick, the XX is very nearly a perfect yoyo for me which is why I own three of them now. And why I’m really interested in the Max!



Pretty flipping spectacular

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Can’t wait to try the Trion Crash. Hopefully the polycarbonate rings aren’t too fragile. Think I’ll play it over soft ground, just in case.