Double or nothing suicide

has anybody heard of this before, its pretty cool if you can get it i’ve been trying to nail it for about a 2 weeks now and have only sucseeded once.

How to do it.
thow into a double or nothing but do an extra wrap around your throw hand pointer and then land into the normal double or nothing, then attempt to throw the yoyo like a normal suicide and catch back into a double or nothing.

Give it a try it’s heaps of fun. Hopefully you guys have more luck than me.

Here’s a slo-mo tut.

What Max is talking about is a suicide that lands back into a double or nothing. Much harder and would be so freaking cool to see and pull off ;D

I see, since you doulbe wrap around you TH Pointer are you throw it over and catch, it’s a double or nothing with out the extra wrap. ;DNice find Max ;D

man,i thought i made this up lol

You both could have made it up…

Sweet! Nice job!

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yeah a couple of us from down under had a meet in sydney the other day and one of us mentioned it and where trying to land it, some were sucseeding others like me were less than sucessful, it looks fair sweet when you land it.