operation dark magic

hey guys in operation dark magic the video somewhere in the middle andre does a suicide from a double or nothing anybody know how to do that

P.S. thanks to all those guys who responded to my suicide post i finally got it ;D

You need a wrap around your index finger, to get that, you just swing the yo around your finger before going into the double or nothing.

If you cant do it, just so you know, suicides are easier when you have a rolling motion. To get easier suicides, you do a double trapeze (2 wraps around a trapeze, both landing on the string, you do this in skin the gerbil.), and roll it out and then do the suicide. Because of the rolling motion, the yoyo rolls around your finger more easily, and you can catch at a higher rate. Thats what he’s doing, just with a double or nothing.

If you can’t do it, also, you can try doing it from a houdini mount(Double or nothing around your non throwhand thumb instead of index).

Btw, its really hard.

I can do this-- I’m using it for my YYE suicide. The easier way is drop into a dismount and throw when rolling out-- Or just throw from the DoN