Double Iron Whip

I’ve been on this trick for a bit and I need some clarification. I can do the first part effortlessly, that’s not a problem, it’s executing it. First part as in land it on both strings. When I try to do it I end up with just a regular Jade Whip. How does he make that first whip come out, and then a second one right behind it that hooks on to the yoyo? Can someone explain step-by-step please?

Double iron whip works using the same principle as the double suicide Andre teaches. The mount creates a second wrap sorta thing like in a DS. Like a DS, when you toss the yo-yo up, the string should start the first spin. However, you are going to need to circle the yo-yo with your hand (unlike a DS). Doing this while holding the loop that has just popped will get you the second spin. From there, it’s a normal iron whip.

The thing to watch out for is the string getting caught around your fingers and giving you an extra, unneeded wrap. Just be sure to avoid this by sliding the string off mid-spin or just missing it all together.

Does this help? If not, just ask away. :smiley:

if you watch a tut for the trick follow it really helps