Double D (DD) yoyo tutorials?

Hi. I’m new to the fourms, but have searched for this and have yet to find it.

I recently found the yoyo wiki’s page on yoyo styles, and am now interested in DD yoyo-ing. One more counterweight later, I have yet to do anything with it.

Please help with written tutorials or videos.


Unfortunately, DD tutorials are pretty hard to come by. Its pretty new and not very widely used. Just experiment.

OK. Thanks, if anyone comes across one though… =p

wow, is DD this uncommon?

Sorry that I cant hook you up with tuts but this is an amazing video with David Mellons, its all counter weight play with tons of double dicing…

thank you all!

Reminder though, even if you can type out the begining steps to some basic DD tricks, that would be apreciated. :wink: