Double D (DD) yoyo tutorials?

(Alceste) #1

Hi. I’m new to the fourms, but have searched for this and have yet to find it.

I recently found the yoyo wiki’s page on yoyo styles, and am now interested in DD yoyo-ing. One more counterweight later, I have yet to do anything with it.

Please help with written tutorials or videos.


(J. Lev) #2

Unfortunately, DD tutorials are pretty hard to come by. Its pretty new and not very widely used. Just experiment.

(Alceste) #3

OK. Thanks, if anyone comes across one though… =p

(Alceste) #4

wow, is DD this uncommon?

(Mitch) #5

Sorry that I cant hook you up with tuts but this is an amazing video with David Mellons, its all counter weight play with tons of double dicing…

(Alceste) #6

thank you all!

Reminder though, even if you can type out the begining steps to some basic DD tricks, that would be apreciated. :wink: