Don't trust anyone under 40


Happy birthday Steve Brown.
I’ve been lying about my age for years, at this rate, you are going to catch up in no time.


I remember Steve from almost 20 years ago.

He was much younger at the time. :thinking:

I remember back in 1999 at Worlds in Honolulu. Steve had a Mohawk and wanted to go up on stage and give a 5a demo.

For whatever reason Greg Cohen decided that was not gonna happen.

Steve was really ‘unhappy’. <Understatement

5a has come a long way…

Steve has one hard head. But when you get past the hard part; you simply could not meet a nicer ‘yo-positive’ guy and an integral part of the World community.

Happy Birthday .

PS… have a fire extinguisher at the ready. And Do No light the candles indoors with a roof of less than 12 feet. Also for the first five seconds after ignition; I would suggest wearing a Welding helmet with the lens set at 11 level darkness.


Happy birthday Steve! Worlds was incredible!

(InvaderDust) #4

Very much this! ^^ Happy Birthday Steve! Thanks again for everything.