Ages for worlds?

How old are most people at worlds? Is there a lot of younger people? I’m 11, so I wanted to know if there is more people as young as me that go?

Well, I’ve never been to Worlds, but I know 1 thing that might help you, Takeshi Matsuura is the 5a world champ and he is about your age, give or take, and I’ve also seen some prelims with younger people, but I think the majority is young adults-adults. Hope I helped at least a little. :stuck_out_tongue:

worlds is an all ages event. The only thing that is for the “young adults” and adults is really the wheel of penalty

There’s plenty of younger folks there (At least there was last year.) and the old ones are all friendly. You should for sure check it out even if you can only drop by for a little.

I’m coming for the full 3 days. And also, what about the BBQ? And what’s the wheel of penalty?

I think a fair number of YYJ Apprentices will be in attendance and many of them are young. My son is 9 and will be there.

Isn’t he about 15 now?