don't post funky junk pic links - Re: Pictures_only.png…+Why…+just+why_353958_3699607.jpg

Note: funky junk pics don’t allow hot links.

pic don work

It works on mobile.

ya blew it

I’ve never been able to fix any of the posts people do with them to show up on a browser. Maybe they just don’t know how to properly copy a link - idunno.

what happened to our 33 pages of awesomeness?,50309.480.html

Okay if you’re going to post anything from FunnyJunk you’ll have to re-host it some where. I’d suggest imgur.

Okay so you find a FunnyJunk picture…

So right click and copy the image location.

Then open imgur up.

Then hit the “Web” button.

Then this sucker should pop up.

Now right click in the box underlined and paste that image location you got previously.

After doing that it should look somewhat like this.

Now just hit the “Start Upload” button.

Yay~ It’s finally re-hosted and ready to be posted.

It even has a forum link so you don’t have to the whole



Finished product.

Or just do a reverse image search on google images because funnyjunk prolly got it from somewhere else to begin with.