Silver Bombsquad Genesis

Silver Bombsquad Supernova


Mint with box. Amazing player. One of the smoothest and best playing yo-yos I have ever played. Just doesn’t get enough use.
$125 OBO

Jensen Kimmitt Art Engraved YYF Wood Yoyo

$15 Shipped$10 Shipped

YYF Loop 720s Painted by Jensen Kimmitt

MINT and very cool looking
$45 Shipped $35 Shipped for the pair

Red/Clear Loop 900s

Played but like NEW w/ boxes and keys
$40 Shipped $35 Shipped for the pair

Modded Glow Raiders

Modded by Yoyonation (Not me) they did a perfect job on them. Play fantastic. I have both the packages too.
$40 Shipped$30 Shipped for the pair

Not Available:

Clear YYJ PhenomizmGONE

Mint with box

Pair of Tom Kuhn Snowflake No-Jives GONE

Mint with Boxes and all the goodies

Throwback Genesis + for Loop 720’s and Loop 900’s or one of the loops and phenomizm?