Done for now... Only parts left


US buyers/traders only at this time

Deal Sweeteners and Extra Stuff
(Prices do not include shipping - no extra shipping cost when combined with yoyos!)


1 pair of black Z stacks with o-rings - no bearings included, just the Z stack pieces, barely used: $6 (Note: the the Z stacks are recommended for “full size” YYFs - however, they do fit my 888 snugly, but are too wide to fit my Skyline - use your best judgment)
1 pair of white Long Stacks w/ top tips - barely used: $10

Please PM me any offers. I’m willing to work out some good deals for combined shipping and multiple purchases. Thanks for looking and offer up!

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aqua is pricey…
jayyo is sellin them painted for 20 lol


yeah I just saw that right after I added it lol. Updated.


just a quick Q. How much is the hitman?


I was hoping to get up to $25 for it shipped.


Really? They discontinued the Aquarius?

I wonder why…


the ruber rims is too pricey
the new one is crazy
here is brian using it


post aquarius on like ebay? idk how buy/seell works on yoyoexpert. I dont have paypal so thats a problem


You use paypal on ebay though.


What is a hatrick closest to? 60, 80, 100, 115?


Yeah I too was wondering how much was, also still got the hitman for 25$ I maybe interested in one.


I’m just taking offers on the Hatrick right now. PM me and we can negotiate.


err i use a credit card for eBay…

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