Donate to non-profit organization = Get free yoyo!

Hey guys! I decided to let three of my throws go to raise money for an organization that helps people over seas! The throws I will be selling are as follows:

Duncan Echo $35 : This is a great throw that shocked me when I tried it out at MER. It has 4 noticeable dings and several minuscule ones. It has a slight vibe but plays exceptionally well. The bearing has been cleaned.

Duncan Metropolis $40 : This yoyo was donated to me by Duncan to do a demonstration at a conference. It plays very well and only has scratches not dings. It doesn’t really have a vibe. If so it is very minuscule. The bearing on this one was also cleaned.

YYF Dv888 $35 : This was acquired in a trade. Great throw. It has been rim satined and has a large amount of dings/scratches. However it still plays smooth with the exception of a vibe. This is a vibe that can only be felt. It does not affect play at all. The bearing on this one was also cleaned.

Here are the pics:
Let me know if this link doesn’t work.

Please note that I am selling these to raise money for charity, this is the reason for the prices.

PM me with serious offers only. I am not looking for trades as this will not help me in raising money.You pay shipping. Thanks for looking!!

Which organization?


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thats great man! Hope you get some offers!

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Thanks guys!

No offers??

remember you can only bump ur bst once a day. :wink:

Oh sorry, I didnt know any reply counted as a bump. sorry:)


This is awesome.

Yo-yo’s for the religious. (Don’t want to say anything against any religions so I won’t name a religion)


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Thanks man! Check out my youtube channel YoYo4Jesus!

I wish I had some cash to buy these but I don’t so I guess I’ll just give you a free bump.

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Me too lol;)

How can the DV888 play smooth with the exception of a vibe?

The vibe doesnt effect how smooth it PLAYS. You can see the vibe and feel it but it PLAYS smooth.