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My other post automatically locked up so I am reposting. Still have some throws available.

Hi! My name is Aaron Russell. Years ago, I was involved in this community and loved to yoyo. As I got older and more involved in sports and other high school activities, I lost a passion for yoyoing. Now, as I graduate college and prepare for another move, I am looking at my yoyo collection yet again.

And I want to help someone. I remember being a kid and saving up all my money just so I could get a new yo-yo. I remember the days of buying and selling and trading on this very forum. I will never forget the feeling of opening that mailbox and seeing the package with your new yoyo inside.

So I am giving away my collection. If you are financially capable and would like to purchase an item, then by all means, make an offer. But if you aren’t able to purchase, all I ask is that you cover the cost of shipping. Everything is up for grabs. Send me a message if you do want to purchase something.

Below is my entire collection. Each of these are probably going to need a good bearing clean (I recommend buying a new one), new response systems, and other maintenance. Most are in good condition and still play well to my knowledge.

YYF Whip (no response system):

Duncan Raptor (honestly one of my favorite 5a throws):

Duncan Echo (2011 World YoYo Contest Edition):

Custom Anodized YYF Genesis (don’t remember who designed this but he did an excellent job; this yoyo looks so classy; needs a new response system and it uses the larger response pads):

YYF Supernova Lite (this thing is light and plays super fast; great for 5a):

Bunch of dice (clear die are gone; rest are available):

Good ol’ classic YoYoExpert yellow string:

Fair game! Message me if you have any questions.


Your other thread had many of these marked as “gone”. I think only the whip and echo are left correct? I just don’t want you to get hit with a bunch of messages asking for things that already went.


is this true @aaronblakerussell

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