Does Walgreens Still Sell PeterFish YoYos?

I looked it up and the threads were all from like 2010. Do they? Thanks.

I was in a Walmart the other day. I’ve been in several recently. Why? There’s like a dozen of them near my house, so it seems. Plus, on my trip to Disneyland and surrounding areas, I seemed to need to get something like sunblock.

All I saw were Duncan Imperials and Duncan Butterflys.

I ment Walgreens, the pharmacy. I heard they had a deal with PeterFish.

Well my Daly City walgreens used to have them s year or so ago, then they switched to duncans

Yes. Walgreens, the pharmacy. The drug store, the convenience store. All the same thing.

Hey Studio42.

You said Walmart…

Oops. I meant WalGreens.

Either way, make the word substitution and I stand by my original statement.

no they do not. heard they had the last shipment in 2010 ( and they always had duncan imperials and butterflys) my old luminator (one of the best $4 i ever spent) was quite good, except for the shizzy foam “response pad” i still check for them time to time