Does this exist?

Looking for a mid to undersized plastic/delrin (diameter no bigger than 54mm) that still has some heft (60g+) and plays competitively with some of the more premium plastics/delrins (Rally, Yeti, Crazy D, Severe, etc.). Does something like this exist?

I love the play of the premium plastics/delrins, but am turned off somewhat by their large diameter. I realize that is probably necessary for weight, stability, etc., but thought I’d ask if anyone knows of a model that might better suit my size preference. For reference, my favorite metal is the OG Gnarwhal. Thanks!

I think the closest you’ll get is the Crucial cream and there’s currently a new one in prototype states I believe

Double checked and the quest and magicyoyo D6 almost fit

Magicyoyo Crystal fits perfectly at 54mm but they’re impossible to find

Some more research shows the albino levaithan from turning point would meet the requirements as well

Nice, I’ll have to see if I can get my hands on any of these…

Any other suggestions? Thanks for the reply!

There’s tons of Magic Yoyo D6s on eBay. Just search for it and you’ll find a bunch.

I was referring to the Crystal specifically which was a collab with topyo

Oh, I always thought the two were the same.

Yeah, he D6s look cool. Not too different from the D5, which I’ve got two of. I’m wondering where I can snag an albino leviathan.

I think I saw an Albino Leviathan on the BST recently. Can’t for the life of me remember whose BST it was though.


I have a Cream… It fits your specs almost perfectly.

Cool–how do you like it?

I like it a lot. It grinds really well, is unbelievably smooth at least the way I have it tuned… It plays surprisingly… Idk. Heavier then you would expect for the size, but it isn’t a brick.