Does string length/height affect a yoyos spin time?

I find that my height can reduce a yoyos spin time, especially because my general string length is shorter than taller people.

4”7 and a 5”7 person, both using 3 inches above belly button string, using the same yoyo. The person taller would have a longer spin time on his yoyo ( assuming both throw at an equal strength, do the same tricks with the same consistency, etc. ) yes?

So, as the title says, Does overall string length affect a yoyos spin time?
And is there a limit to the extension of spin time related to string length? - other than “longest string world record” string lengths of course.

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Technically, yes. To a certain degree.

But i wouldn’t believe that is a relevant factor when performing tricks.

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In my limited experience I’d say yes, whenever I have too short of a string it feels like the yoyo isn’t maxing out rpms