Does JD have an AIM?

Someone by the name of Johnnie Delvalle is IM’ing me, and I am suspecting that someone is messing with me. I mean, JD is awesome and everything, but I am a little paranoid why he wants to talk to me. After all…compared to him, I’m like nothing.

What is he saying? You could probably guess through that, but it is probably some prankster.

if it is him im realy jelous :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( and sad.

but if its not i will tear anyone who pretends to be him to sherds >:(

and if it is well…congrats ;D

Well, I am having a quite interesting convo with him, so until I am quite confident he is the amazing JD, I will try to not take him too seriously…

Ask him if he is for real?

If he is, I shall now stalk him!!!

I’m not liking the convo. And if this is the real him, he just lost my respect.

What is his Username? I am on right now, I am not afraid of being a stalker.

He signed off.

Hopefully someone (Maybe André) can shed some light on the fact that it is him. If so, I will be confident upon the way I act around him.

EDIT: Chances are he is a fake, because I asked André, and he said that JD didnt have an AIM under that name…

Can you give us some examples of what he said.

JD is like in his thirties so you can tell who a guy is by the way he speaks.

If he speaks like a twenty year old then he might be real. Talks like us then no

JD’s in his early 20’s.

JD’s actual AIM and Yahoo ID’s are on his myspace main page in the about me section…

We will put a stop to rumors right now and state that this is clearly not Johnnie DelValle.

People impersonating other people should be ashamed of themselves - especially if they choose to act inappropriately while doing so.