Does it Matter Which Lube I Use for my Bearing?

I have a question. I got a Hubstacked Genesis in my Mystery Box, and it came with a Koncave bearing. But I only have OneDrop V4M lube. If I used this lube on my yoyo, would it damage the bearing since it was made for OD 10-balls, or would it be fine?

Please help! Thanks!

They’re metal balls spinning inside a metal housing. The brand name and type of bearing doesn’t make a bit of difference! :wink: I use V4M for all my bearings right now.

What’s more important is how much, or rather how little you use.

No lube should hurt any bearing. Too much will make it responsive.

Lube is lube
It’s not specifically made for any brand

Nope, use any lube you want. See you in 24 hours for your “my yoyo is broken, why is it responsive?” thread.

This comment was unhelpful and could make the op think you’re making fun of him. When you give snarky replies to basic questions, it can make people feel foolish and unwelcome.

Apparently you haven’t noticed the trend:

1: Post about an issue. Don’t wait for answers.
2: Proceed with a solution that every recommended against, in part due to not waiting for #1
3: Reject any advice. Don’t use the right materials.
4: Post a “my yoyo is broken/responsive” thread, start the process all over again.

Too many people are impatient today and want instant fixes. They won’t do searches or many any sort of effort.

I’ve decided it’s simply easier to address and answer questions when they happen.

I know you help a lot of people out. I also know half of them barrel on and do the opposite of what they’re told. I just think it’s bad to get all jaded about and make potentially innocent parties feel alienated or stupid. Unless the OP is guilty of following the described pattern.

#4 should include all caps and exclamation points :slight_smile:

I really wish there was an unthankyou button trying to scroll and it thank you’d the comment. But you are right it does seem snarky, but I see where oops is coming from as it’s generally the progression of things. Hard balance if knowing what comes next and how to word it so to a newbie it doesn’t come across sounding badly although I know oops wasn’t meaning it in that context.