Does heat / cold affect bearings?


Hey guys,
so recently i just cleaned a few of my bearings : yyj, yyf , CT, KK , and trifecta bearings in mineral spirits. i cleaned it like normal and normally they would turn out really great.
but today, since i was kind of dusty in my house, i decided to clean the bearings outside. the temperature is about 35-40 degrees. and i left the bearings in the mineral spirit for about 8 minutes outside.
now i dried them, and spun test them like i normally would. and now it seems like they are worse than before i cleaned them.
(please dont say anything about breaking it in. i’ve done this plenty of times.)

so i want to ask:
Does Heat or Cold affect the performance of bearings?
Does heat or cold affect mineral spirits?


Unless you did somthing different, did you lube , use a clean cup. I would assume that 35-40’deg. Would somehow affect. I haven’t had that happen . I’m cleaning my bearings later today it’s about 40-50.def so I’ll post later.


Let them dry longer. Cooler temperature makes them take longer to dry out. You may also want to consider cleaning them again. Also, make sure you’re using CLEAN mineral spirits. You should be able to do at least 10-15(or more) bearings off a clean pour of mineral spirits. Clean the glass container as well. You want to make sure you’re not making it possible for bad stuff to get back inside.

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