does flee string work with a normal yoyo?

so if it’s smaller, than it might be more unresponsive, but would it work or would it break on the 10 throw? There’s got to be a flea owner who has some flea string and has tried this.

It would be a horrible idea, first the string is so short that it would insanely hard to do any tricks. Second its so thin that I would not be surprised if it broke really easy.

LOL. Hey who doesn’t enjoy people getting hurt on treadmills?

No idea, thats why im asking you! People failing + treadmills = awesome!

thanks guys!

PS. Stephen, i love your avatar

well, the yoyo is 49 grams. Depending on how long it lasts on the flea, (IDK, a week?)

It should last you about half that, but I wouldn’t recommend it. It would make your yoyo far more unresponsive than necessary, and all in all, just wouldn’t be worth it, IMHO.

Do what you wish, though.

I tried it out…and…its definitely not a good idea. I tried to wrap the string around the axle…and even when I wrapped it up all the way…I pulled just a little bit, and the string unwound. Another thing is that the string is so thin… that it hurts your fingers so much! Hope this helps!