Does anyone play speed style?

So I’ve been branching out from my flow a little bit and trying to get into a little bit of Mickey style speed play. Problem is every time things start to get moving super fast, I’m getting a ton of tilt and I spin out quickly. Now, I’ve been throwing for long enough that I know it’s not my throw, that’s dead straight. Does anyone have any tips on speed play, especially stability? Thanks!

Speed play is all muscle memory… The better you know the trick slow the easier it will be to bust it out fast. And the elements in the trick also play a big part. You want elements like hops and rolls, and lindy loops, ect… Just keep working on it and it will all fall into line

I recall there was a topic like this but that’s beside the point.

Speed play is, like Mitch says, about muscle memory. The better you know it then the faster you can do it. Though keep in mind that some tricks are meant to go fast and become crowd pleasers and some are just meant to be technical and steady.

Here’s a vid of me attempting it:

I’ve known that trick perfectly for a month or so but it took me about 100 tries to get it down…