Does anyone make a seafoam green yoyo?

It is the color that I have been looking for and have not found. If anyone is wondering, seafoam green is a color popular in 1950’s cars, radios, etc… I have a Jeff Beck Fender Strat that color, a Fender 1050’s throwback bass, and a few other items.

I wish someone would make one. Bonus points for having some metal on it as a nod to chrome. Either bimetal or just a finger spin hub.


Haven’t there been some Scales versions of yoyos that are pretty close?


I have a sea foam green navigator. Also a space crown of the same color.

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if got a Kieren Fade SF SF that pretty close to seafoam

Seafoam green is a very very specific shade of color. I’ve found that nobody does excatly that color, but very small variations of teal instead.

Seafoam green reference:

Some yoyos that somewhat fall into that color spectrum:

  • WYYC Edition Replay and Daydream:

  • Scales edition Smashing Yoyos Co. Float:

  • Icon collection from YYF (Protostar pictured):


I used to have a moonshine that color! The SF i have is a bit darker…

That Daydream, Replay and Scales that you posted is probably the closest I have seen. I will watch for those. Too bad they don’t have some metal on them for the full 50’s effect. I bought a Navigator but it is not really the right color. Too bad because the metal rings set it off perfectly.


I think “teal” is the name of this color. Seafoam green is more of a pastel and not so saturated. The only metal yoyo I own that is close to a true seafoam green color is my MagicYoyo Node.

The mint green that C3 does is sort of seafoam-ish.


You could just do custom ano?

Yeah, that Vapormotion definitely looks like seafoam green to me. To my mind, “mint green” wouldn’t have so much blue in it, and “aqua” would have a little less green in it.

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These are beautiful


This is my favourite ‘c-foam’ yoyo. :wink:

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Now that’s flossing with a G-String.

It seems like to really get that color you’d want a powder coated yoyo.

Which I wish was more common by the way. Even to get one custom done is difficult

The disruption by UNPRLD and the Statement by SF were made in seafoam I guess

I second the c3 green. Had an Astraea in that colorway and it was mighty purdy.

don’t mean to be a prick, but a-rt vi ix


I highly suggest asking that Ol’Geezer “YoyoDoc” to turn-fasten any set of metal rings unto a Sea Foam Green yoyo of choice. I suspect his calipers are handy like a quick draw gun, thus, all that would be required is to dust-off his tools for an eloquently speedy mod made just for yo!

That would be Nostalgic~


Hella ratchet was close to seafoam as well