does anyone live in the Los Angeles area?


i live in la and no one yoyos over here but me and a couple of friends from skwl so i was trying to find out if any one does so we could meet up and yoyo or something :D.


that a way to attracted pedophile

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I live in PV


I live in Riverside, about two hours away.


i am in Long Beach but i just started to get back to yo yoing


hey what part of la???

because i live in east la^___^


not in like LA but right next to iit santa monica

also i posted this cause i thought i might want to havve a meet in likke to months at a park to
bar-b-que and yoyo to learn tricks and cause i was gonna make a yoyo at a shop and wanted ppl to tell me what they think of it and if i should sell it

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That’s a good idea I would try to go but my parents wouldn’t drive me to Santa Monica (they don’t understand) but I live in Riverside with Samad


well i can try to make it close near my house i guess it be like 20-25 mins closer santa monica is where i goto thats why i said there maybe at westchester park down the street from my house :smiley:

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Santa Monica is like 2 hours away plus in the opposite direction I was thinking. I thought it was close to Santa Ana and I could just run by while my bro does gym guess I was wrong