805 area.. Ventura, Oxnard, Camarillo, T.O., Santa Barbara... Anyone yoyo?!


I checked a while back for anyone who throws in or near the Ventura County or Santa Barbara area… Just thought I would check again :wink:

Sooooo… Anyone out there???

…This was all sparked by seeing someone throwing a yellow/gold Duncan Drifter at the Camarillo Outlets over the weekend and me taking to long to go and talk to him… lol


i live in arroyo grande


Thats somewhat far from where I am at in Ventura… North of Santa Maria right?


its only like 2 hours…and dude how old are you?


2 hours is kind of far but not too bad… I would prefer closer though! I know no one around (other than my fiancee and friends that I got into it…) that throw.

And I am 29. Yourself?

Do you think a yoyo club in the Ventura, Santa Barbara would be a good place to get one going? If it were in SB or Ventura like once a month would you try to make it?


I’m 14
Ugh a good place would be solvang I know there a few yoyoers around here. It would be half the drive for both of us but I could try to get rides to ventura if u couldn’t get to solvang . Umm I wouldn’t be able to go this month cause my grandmas really sick. She’s on hospis. I’m sure you get what I’m saying.


I am sorry to hear that…

But Solvang is a cool little town!! That may be fun place to have a yoyo meet! Lots of nice little park areas to throw at…

I still am trying to feel this out and see if there are more people wanting to get something like this going… I have a few younger cousins I would like to get a couple yoyos and drag them to something like a “yoyo club”… get them into the sport! :wink:

We’ll see what happens… and just let me know!


Sounds great um are u going to blc. Do u have YouTube videos


Nope, no youtube for me! I am still trying to get better at this yoing! lol

And I should be at the blc/dxl next weekend… I am really trying to make it down that way! But we’ll see… If I go, it will just be me and my fiancee going to spectate.

You going?


Yah I’m going I’ll be rookie devision


VERy cool… hope you do well!! depends on how my work week goes… still hoping to make it out the BLC/DXL!