Does anyone know?

Does anyone know what is a good yoyo that you can start from your hand (pull start)? I’ve been thinking about the DNA, but i dont know if you can hand start it.

You can hand start it.

are there any better ones for around the same price that play well and hand start well (mainly play)?

Of course you can hand start a dna it HAS hubs, but I like the 888 MUCH better. ;D
Hope that clears everything up.

FYI; you can hand start a 888 to. :smiley:

Any yoyo with stacks pull starts well… My GM2 has real nice stacks… Real smooth pull starts

i really dont like small yo-yos. Am ix between my marmot and my DM would be perfect in almost every aspect.

the superstar is bigger and can be hand started. it has hubstacks. the shape is very unique and plays very well, if you prefer a bigger yoyo.

i really don’t like the H-shape