Does anyone know when the New FreeHand comes out?

Well does anyone know, Brandon Jackson made a video of it stock, I’m sure lots of you have heard about it and also seen the video

Ya talking about the drifter? Can you post the video?

I’m using my iPod so it i can’t do that, on the Duncanyoyo YouTube page, and it is brandon Jackson throwing in slowmo with classical music in the background.

I think an appropriate search on YouTube would be Brandon Jackson first look at the new freehand, so just put that into YouTube should be the first one that comes up!


there it is!

It just looks like a slight variation on the shape of the past freehands, I don’t see anything special.

factory recess isn’t special?

I have a couple and they are much different from the original FH2. They are much more playable and the factory recess makes it far less snaggy. You would normally buy one and rip out one of the pads but that’s not needed with these. Much MUCH better IMO.

Per a post on their Facebook “these just began to ship to stores less than two weeks ago”, so we should be seeing them soon…I hope

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In truth, the factory recess takes away from the great blank canvas that is the FHZ and FH2.

I have to admit I’m stoked for the new FH2’s but I will miss modding them.

I personally agree and disagree with your statement. You see, Yes, this is a step in the right direction with the FH series simply because when I buy a yoyo, I want the product that I see advertised. I don’t own any of the FH’s because when I look at the FH series I see the many different mods everyone has installed in them. However the case may be I am fairly sure Duncan made the decision to fix one of the problems that has plagued the FH series for so long by setting in a factory recess. Now I might actually pick one of these up and play a FH, not a completely different yoyo than what I see. Now, I have to agree because those many mods that come with a FH are pretty good, and easily you can make an alien yoyo feel something more familiar and extraordinary instead of all of the plain jane soulless YYF throws that have been coming out (sure they are great but they all feel the same with just a different weight and shape, don’t they? ;)) All I am trying to say is, FINALLY we can buy a FH and play it how it was designed to be played, not over-modded. :smiley:

I want one because I don’t like the snagginess of the FHZ, yes I will eventually mod it but at the moment that looks like a good yoyo in my opinion so I’m gonna get one, thanks anyway

Meh the recess isn’t that deep. Highwall it and there is your blank canvas.