Does anyone know what string Takeshi Matsuura uses?

The pink string looks really nice.

Tuning point string?
Maybe fat kitties?

Commonly thought to be turning point string.
However if you just want a string that looks similar, try werrd blueprint. Its heavier than kitty and apparently better for slacks.

Do you know what it is?
TP sells string that looks identical to his so i can’t help but think so

TP strings come also in regular and fat iirc, but obviously i cant tell without a side to side comparison.
I was just saying that there are many other strings that come in pink polyester medium/fat.

Oh ok
Can’t think of other strings that come in that color of pink tho

Without a doubt, it’s prob a killer string that hopefully dosent have a killer price…

Expert string comes in pink.

Takeshi uses the steel string from Turning Point. It’s really strong but also pretty thick.

Considering he’s from Japan, very very low chance of him using it :stuck_out_tongue:
I meant pink strings that are well used in te Japanese community

true enough.