Does anyone know if CLYW will do another Beater run?

Yea every time I have ever got a used yoyo from the BST i have got ripped off and sent a vibey yoyo so id like to get a new one.

also i think its funny steve brown is living in the shadow of the grail

It was mentioned on their Instagram broadcast channel that Beaters were in production as of Dec 1 (though the hope at the time was they’d arrive before the holidays).

beater rerun is definitely happening, hopefully by worlds. i believe bbb will also be a colorway!

also, i’d delete that last comment, its good to try and prevent any more drama here on the forums

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fine ill delete it. it seems thats what you guys love so i couldnt resist. thats just forums karma i suppose

Steve Brown has been throwing organic yo-yos, and has had signature organic yo-yos, long before A-RT was even a company. Steve Brown is a yo-yo legend whose “shadow” probably touches more things in the world of yo-yo than it doesn’t.

I’m sure you didn’t mean any offense. I don’t mean any offense towards you either, just saying.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the Leaf myself.

Also, does anyone have any info on the Swan?


I wasnt referrring to the fact that its an organic but that its an organic with a schmoove groove. i havent seen any yoyos with a schmoove groove to open suicides besides the canvas or the grail.

I can think of so many.

Docpop Bolt

Wild to say someone is living in the shadow of another yoyo because of one design element.

Edit: yes btw the Beater is getting reran.


Pretty much the entire atmos line uses schmoove groove.

I thought Atmos was more about the Response Bump, I think of Schmooves as more recessed.


Schmoove grooves have been around for many years before the Canvas.


as you can see it was pretty rare before jensen popularized it

Actually, DocPop named and invented Schmoove grooves and popularized them with The End by Yes Absolutely.

Edit: The End inspired a whole bunch of yo-yos to follow.


Agreed it’s more of a bump but does lead to the schmoove ring….

Ps… best gap response IMHO. :slight_smile:

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bathy too ?

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Yeah exactly lol

tons of options.

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I’d say the One Drop Parlay as well but they called it a response moat at that time.


The End started it and then onedrop cemented it with the Ywet I would say which was long before Jensen.

It does make sense for the schmoove to take off with A/RT considering onedrop manufacturers for them.

was the end that big of a yoyo? did it sell a lot? i really havent heard of it.

it looks like the ywet did it for some other reason- to add another silicone ring? doesnt seem its intended use is for opening suicides?

The End was a modified eetsit. If you’ve heard of the bapezilla it was essentially the more rare version of it with modified response.

The Ywet was meant to use both rings for responsive but it’s primary use was to be used as unresponsive.

Both have ties to anti-yo

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