A-rt holy grail

its perfect.

its everything the beater wishes it was and more


The holy grail is awesome but I don’t think the beater actually wants to be the holy grail


Yeah they dont even remotely look the same or seem to be going for the same vibe.


This is the 2nd time I’ve seen you personally talk crap on the Beater specifically in comparison to A-rt yoyos

You’re either a troll or one of the A-rt guys trolling no in between :joy:


i didnt talk crap. i just said it was obvious the beater was inspired by the grail.


round organic yoyo

you know those are inspired by the Magicyoyo N11, right?


You mean godspeed clones

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yea i guess charles saw the n11 and said “yo thats dope” and made the grail… then steve brown saw the grail and said “yo thats dope, I should make a nod to the n11 as well”.

exactly. I wonder what inspired magicyoyo? Probably the yomega crossfire or something.


Bud, you clearly worded this sentence to put the beater beneath the grail, what are you on about with the “I didn’t talk crap”? At least own it if you are writing a hot take


Ngl from my point of view are both pretty much outdated and boring yoyos :sweat_smile:

I think opinions are personal, I will just avoid to do a fight between brands, quite cringe to be honest, just buy what you like and have fun mate, it’s an organic yoyo one of the oldest shape ever, there is not much fantasy on it obviously all yoyos will be similar


at least stick to your word, i want to know if the beater is good or not


Steve Brown is living in the shadow of ‘nothing’.

A rapper once said, ‘It ain’t bragging if you can back it up’. I only mention that because Steve doesn’t ‘need’ to find any Shadows in the Yo-yo World, Steve is a Made Man.

Talking a little trash about a good friend of mine, that has been an integral member of modern yo-yoing, just doesn’t sit well with me.

Whether the Beater/Grail thing has any connective relevancy or not, it’s simpleton level lunacy to poke at Steve with a stick. Makes no sense at all.

Here is the guy you are insulting> You will prolly fall asleep before you finish his Bio>


I thought this guy was banned?

Mods asleep once again ig


I’m with @yoyodoc 100%

Steve was instrumental in the design of the Duncan FH1, 24 years ago. This yo-yo was one of the main yo-yo’s to usher in modern unresponsive yoyo play as well as create a new type/division of play, Freehand a.ka 5A.
What ever unresponsive yoyo we choose to play today, Beater, Grail or otherwise, is because of Steve and early Duncan’s.
Steve is also one of the organisers of the world yo-yo contest. All competitors and spectators are able to attend (or stream) this contest as result of Steve’s contributions.
The reason we are all here and able to enjoy this hobby, is a direct result of Steve.

Aside from Steve. To those making negative comments, what will it gain you?
Throwing insults will do nothing for you except create enemies. It’s pointless.
I agree that mods should make a judgement call here.

To all of those who are here to just enjoy the hobby. One love and happy throwing :v:

Edit: PS- The Grail, Holy Grail and Beater are all phenomenal playing yo-yo’s and, in my opinion, feel completely unique and distinct from one another.


least spineless, most composed and most informed a-rt fan :arrow_right:


If I may be honest with you all and add one more thing…
I really love these spinning things. Don’t you?

Over the past few years, I have seen so many people get extremely personal around these toys. I have seen people verbally bash company owners or certain individuals and try discourage others from using their products, regardless of how objectively good that product is.

This is my opinion on the matter, do with it what you will. I really love yo-yos, and I mean really love. I own 500 yo-yo’s and really enjoy how uniquely each one plays. It is not personal. How much I enjoy the way a yo-yo plays, is completely based on the yo-yo itself. I can personally disagree with someone’s fundamental beliefs, and still enjoy using their products irrespective of who that person is. It has nothing to do with a yo-yos performance or appeal for me.

It would be lovely if there was less hate in this community. It’s one of the last good ones left.

If I may recommend the movie, Bambi. Spoiler alert. Thumper the rabbit says “If you’ve got nothing nice to say, don’t say nothing at all.”

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go throw a bunch of yo-yos from a whole mess of different companies. :heart_hands:


conversation settled by who’s signature yoyo it is

the beater doesn’t wish it was the holy grail, it IS a derivative of the creep made for steve brown, which i think is sweet :))


I love reading any post with ur name on it. U sir…are THE MAN