Does a light up FHZ play different than a regular FHZ

The title says it all. Just wondering if there will be vibe because of the light kit, or if it’s any different than a regular fhz.

It plays heavier then a regular fhz but there isn’t any more vibe then any other stock fhz

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Yeah, when you do tricks you can see it easier than a regular FHZ, especially when it’s a bit dark

In my opinion, the weight makes it play a lot better. Getting the light up FHZ changed my opinion of the FHZ for the better. I don’t notice much difference in vibe between the two. I think the vibe is minimal on both.

I’ve never played a standard FHZ but do have the Pulse FHZ (which I love BTW). I’ve tried some random kid’s FHZ Pulse at BAC in which had quite a bit of vibe. A bit disappointed, I just assumed that his needed to be tuned. When I got home and opened mine up I was quite amazed at how smooth mine was. Definitely has some weight to it…can’t be any heavier than my RecRev or Chaser though.