Does a brand new yoyo's bearing come lubed or dry?

Does a brand new yoyo’s bearing come lubed or dry?

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Some come lubed and some come dry.

Lubed. To what extent depends on the company. Generally duncan bearings come pretty responsive, whereas others will be dead right out of the box.

If they weren’t lubed, companies would have to toss out a lot more bearings due to rust over time.

One Drops come dry.

It depends.

Many(not all) Duncans come greased. My Butterfly XT and Flying Pandas came with thick yellow grease in the bearing.

I bought some B-sized bearings from another online yoyo retailer, and again, thick yellow grease was packed in it.

When I buy Terrapin X Bearings, they are of course Dry Play treated.

When I got the bearings that come in the Duncan spacer kits, those had some grease in them too.

The bearings in my Duncan Bearing King spin tops I think had a thick lube in them. After going from 2-3 seconds of spin on a flick, the 4 bearings(2 tops, each came with 2 bearings) spin for over 24 seconds after being properly cleaned and then Dry Play treated.

The bearings of my Pinnacle, Lyn Fury, Speed Maker and Kickside I think also have a somewhat thick lube in them.

All my ProZ’s(4), my Metal Drifter, my Freakhands(4), my FH2, and the 1 FHZ I bought new all had some sort of lube in them that needed to be cleaned out.

I don’t want to sound like I’m ripping Duncan. My Mayhem, Momentum and Metropolis came with fantastic spinning bearings. Those are A, D and C bearings, respectively.

I think all my others either are coming with dry bearings or properly lubed bearings. Heck, even the bearings in the ONE and WHIP come out of the package spinning for 18+ seconds on a flick.